Wave Sports + Entertainment contracted Valere Event and Studio Productions to assist in podcast production for an episode of Podcast P with Paul George. Podcast P is a web series hosted by Paul George, Jackie Long, and Dallas Rutherford. 

The show describes itself as an “entourage-style glimpse into the life of an NBA star during the basketball season.” Podcast P has garnered a large following and critical acclaim, with the YouTube channel sporting over 657,000 subscribers and 750 ratings resulting in a 4.8 star score on Apple Podcasts.


The 73rd NBA All-Star Game was held on February 18th, 2024. It took place in the Gainbridge Fieldhouse, home to the Indiana Pacers. 

For the second year in a row, Paul George participated in the All-Star Game. Consequently, this would bring him to Indianapolis, resulting in Podcast P being filmed at a new location for the first time. Their guest speaker for this episode was DeMarcus Cousins, center of the Taiwan Beer Leopards of the T1 League.

Screengrab of DeMarcus Cousin's camera angle for Podcast P.
A screengrab of Podcast P's wide angle shot.
Screengrab of Paul George's camera angle for Podcast P.


In preparation for the event, Wave Sports + Entertainment sought a local video crew and approached Valere. Despite a same-week deadline, Valere proved up to the task.

The plan involved setting up a four-camera configuration at a local bar named the Punch Bowl Social. The extensive equipment list included external monitors, SDI converters, and televisions for prompters. With a five-man crew assembled, we drove from Cincinnati to Indianapolis.


Arriving several hours early, the crew swiftly assembled the equipment. Tripods were positioned first, allocating dedicated cameras for DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George, while Jackie Long and Dallas Rutherford shared a medium shot. An additional camera captured a wide shot encompassing all participants.

The crew placed three large lights around the room, with one in each corner behind the subjects and one suspended above them. In order to mitigate external light interference from a nearby chandelier, a flag was raised.

BTS image of Valere's podcast production setup for Podcast P.
BTS image of producer Les Fultz helping to direct during podcast production of Podcast P.


The show commenced seamlessly, with Podcast P’s producer monitoring audio and footage via external Ninja monitors. With our setup, we provided the sound and video so that Podcast P’s showrunners could do their own edits for their personal post production process.

Employing a Black Magic switcher, the producer managed each camera angle, requesting adjustments via headset communication. The recording, spanning an hour, proceeded continuously through both our cameras and the switcher.

BTS photo of Ninja monitors used for Podcast P's podcast production.


Valere specializes in managing high-pressure productions where equipment functionality is paramount for live broadcasts. Given the unpredictable nature of such events, assembling a competent team is imperative.

With a wealth of experience encompassing everything from professional-quality podcasts to annual sales meetings, the Valere crew stands ready to deliver what you need, when you need it.

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