Think of Valere Studios as your private TV station for the internet.

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Interviews – Podcasts – Live Streaming – Live Recording – Multi Camera Streaming and Taping – Product Filming and Photography – Corporate Videos – Commercials

Video Studio for Rent in Cincinnati, OH

Our interactive internet video studio is designed to accommodate live shots, webinars, remote guests, and social media livestreams.  The production studio has been built with all forms of video communications in mind. The space features a sound deadened 1,000 sq. ft black box studio with a brand new physical set that offers 4 different creative looks.

New in 2023 is a brand new set that is designed for multicamera productions, live shots, green screen and livestreams. This space has been hand crafted from the ground up with your project in mind.

Next door to the space, our master control room is fitted with the most up to date hardware and software and multiple redundancies ensuring your content is delivered without error.

We are a vMix studio in addition to our multiple hardware and software encoders. 

Our dedicated cloud infrastructure can simulcast your show to up to 25 destinations at once.

We offer the ability to have real time feedback from your audience with an interactive chat feature for your live stream.

Studio Features and Amenities:

12 input switcher with 9 assignable outputs

1,000 Sq feet blackbox studio

Teleprompter system

Sony imaging


GFX Machine for lower thirds, slates, and custom images

Secure, custom engineered cloud video distribution

Wireless audio

Dock access

Air conditioning

High speed fiber – 200 mbps up/down

Secure and convenient location

Stage lighting

Custom scenic options