Video Series Produced for The Cabinet & Granite Depot

Valere Studios produced a ten-part video series for The Cabinet & Granite Depot, increasing sales through visual content. The episodes varied in content, including: an owner spotlight, client testimonials, as well as the different sales, manufacturing and project processes.

The production team at Valere began working with The Cabinet & Granite Depot, forming a creative plan before filiming and production. Our team works closely with all of our clients, producing the highest quality version of their vision. This client’s goal focused on bringing awareness to their ability to design, install and sell remodeling materials.

The Cabinet & Granite Depot is a wholesale countertop and cabinet provider, a retail sink source and a design and installation company in West Chester, Ohio. They refer to themselves as a bathroom and kitchen remodeling company, via their LinkedIn. The majority of their clients are home builders, contractors, designers and retail customers.

This client wanted to show their commitment to the product design, quality, production, fabrication and installation during the videos. Valere Studios produced this creative vision by choosing to film inside the fabrication shop. The shop gave the series a behind-the-scenes look on the cabinet and granite production process.

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Granite example from Valere Studios video production with a remodeling company in Cincinnati

The owners of The Cabinet & Granite Depot
Valere Studios videographs remodeling company in Cincinnati

Visual Sales Video Production

Visual sales with Valere Studios is effortless and simple thanks to our production team. We actively listen to each client’s creative vision, taking them step-by-step through the production process.

Social media’s marketplace is growing faster than ever before– TV commercials are becoming old news, due to consumers spending more time online and viewing brand content while making their next purchase.

The video series produced for The Cabinet & Granite Depot is now apart of their longstanding visual advertising and branding content. Valere Studios worked with the client to ensure each visual aspect spoke to their authentic brand and its values.

SEO and Video

SEO, video and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. Valere Studios curates our client’s content to the best SEO keywords based on their industry. We combine expert SEO knowledge with visual content that speaks to your customers, Google and other social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO allows users to find the business that best fits the keywords they search. The more accurate the copy is underneath your visual content, the more likely Google is to rank your website higher on its platform.

Producing a video series for The Cabinet & Granite Depot included SEO tools that raised their rankings on Google search. The Valere Studios production team chose the most accurate keywords based on the interior remodeling industry, then embedded them within the content.

Visual content allows Google to read the alternative text within in and connect it to your websites other content, as well as interactions from the company account. Without visual content, Google does not have proof that the business exists.

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Valere Studios produces video for remodeling company in Cincinnati.
The Cabinet & Granite Depot employees, video produced by Valere Studios in Cincinnati

Client-Focused Brand Awareness

Brand awareness with Valere Studios is client-focused and catered to the bigger picture of the business. In order to portray a certain image, visuals need to be present.

Visuals without copy within are considered unidentifiable in Google’s ranking analysis. It’s like having a Facebook page with no profile picture, no one wants to send a friend request to a gray circle.

The video series produced for The Cabinet & Granite Depot increased their brand awareness through Youtube storytelling. Their future clients can better understand how the sales process works, what it looks like to manufacture and design granite, as well as a personal spotlight on the owners.

Providing authentic visuals that speaks to the businesses’ brand, also brings awareness to consumers about the values, goals and benefits of the product or service.

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Valere Studios produced a video of The Cabinet & Granite Depot's remodeling in Cincinnati