Employee-Centric Corporate Content

Producing employee-centric content for corporate internal communications, includes any type of visual content where employees are the intended audience. 

An employee-centric video may look like a company holiday celebration, a highlight reel of employee work, company updates or personal testimonials speaking to the company as a whole. 

Videos including employees improve high turnover and raise retention rates. People want to feel appreciated by their employer, and it is exciting to see visual content related to their role within the company.

Recruiting with Internal Communications

Deciding who to hire is one of the most difficult decisions a hiring manager can make. Imagine being able to recruit the perfect candidate for the company’s open role, after providing an accessible online POV. 

Providing content that speaks to potential employees, encourages those with similar values to apply. Visuals displaying positive interactions from current employees inspires appropriate hires to apply. 

BSI Engineering hired Valere Studios to produce internal corporate communications content.

During BSI Engineering's employee-centric holiday video for internal communications in 2022, produced by Valere Studios in Cincinnati
Valere Studios Director and Founder, Les Fultz consulting with a BSI Engineering employee on their internal communication content

Valere Studios Produces Employee-Centric Content

Valere Studios enjoys producing employee-centric videos for our clients interested in content for  company achievements, celebrations or creating a feel-good company short, designed to elevate employee appreciation. 

Our production team recently worked with BSI Engineering and produced a holiday celebration video, displaying employee positivity and BSI’s new logo. 

BSI Engineering also worked with us on multiple other employee-centric projects for internal communications, marketing content and recruitment videos.

What Does Internal Communications Include?

Employee-centric content falls under the umbrella of internal communications. Although internal communications are more developed than employee-centric content alone, both are created for employee retention and education. 

Internal communications also refers to company training videos, recruitment content and safety visuals that ensure all employees are on the same page. 

AGAR and Altafiber also hired Valere Studios to produce internal communication content.

Valere Studios production team welcomed the Altafiber company to our full-service video production studio, complete with the lighting and color palette design of Altafiber’s vision.

Color and lighting are one of the most important aspects in a visually interesting and effective production. Without the proper expertise, visual content fails to speak to company values and brand awareness decreases.

AGAR and Altafiber hired Valere Studios to produce internal corporate communication content.
AGAR hired Valere Studios to produce internal communication videos for Altafiber, Elevate in Cincinnati

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