Event Photo and Video for Ameresco Inc.

Ameresco Inc. hired Valere Studios to produce a corporate announcement video for their new renewable energy plant. Ameresco Inc. contacted Valere Studios and we filmed their ribbon-cutting ceremony at Benson Valley Landfill in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Valere Studios brought one of their cinematographers and licensed drone pilot to film the ceremony. Images and video were captured for Ameresco Inc.’s internal and external communication needs.

Ameresco Inc. is a renewable energy corporation, focusing on finding greener solutions for landfills and other sources of mass pollution. The announcement of their renewable energy plant and Benson Valley landfill will reduce 27,440 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

Ameresco Inc.’s renewable energy plant captures naturally occuring gas, created by decomposing waste in the Benson Valley Landfill, and then turns it into a low-carbon fuel source that reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Corporate Announcements with Valere Studios

Valere Studios produces many types of corporate video announcements, that are time-sensitive for our high-profile clients.

Ameresco Inc. had a tight deadline and needed the video published on the same day of filming. Valere Studios understands the need for quick turnarounds in production, and we offer our clients same-day results upon request.

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Ameresco Inc. hired Valere Studios to capture drone images at the corporate announcement.

Ameresco Inc. hired Valere Studios to videograph their corporate announcement.
Valere Studios videographed Ameresco Inc. corporate announcement

Valere Studios and Ameresco Inc.

Ameresco Inc. works well with Valere Studios because we both understand the value of professional quality video for corporate announcements.

Located in Reading, Ohio, Valere Studios is right outside of Cincinnati. Ameresco Inc. is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Ameresco Inc. found Valere Studios through Google Search and contacted us via our service request page.

Valere Studios welcomes all corporations in need of an announcement video,  with a promise to publish the content on the same day of the event.

Video Announcement Tips

Video announcements for corporations continue increasing in relevance, because of the increased global accessbility for current and future clients.

Here are a few tips to make your company’s announcement video stand out:

  1. High-quality production tools.
    1. Using professional production equipment for your corporate announcement video, gives your company an advantage over outdated businesses who still believe producing professional-quality video can be filmed on an iPhone.
  2. Hire a professional corporate video production team. In today’s world of iPhones and iMovie, quality video production that companies can trust is hard to find.
  3. Choose a location that speaks to company values and is visually interesting for the viewer.
  4. Post the video on multiple social media platforms.
  5. Publish a blog about the event after the video is posted. Hiring a web developer to assist in raising SEO rankings, helps drive search engine users to your company faster.

Filming Corporate Video Announcements

Filming corporate video announcements are important for businesses who want to communicate their news and achievements with a larger audience. The production is often under tight deadline and professionalism is the key component of a quality final product.

Valere Studios often works with corporations who need to post video announcements on their website and social media. Ameresco Inc. is one of many corporations who trust in Valere Studios to produce corporate video announcements professionally.

Ameresco Inc. posted the corporate announcement video on their website and social media accounts, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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