Home City Ice Photoshoot

Valere Studios photographed Home City Ice in Cincinnati on October 19, taking photos of their employees and facility. The photography shoot was designed to update company branding content.

Home City Ice also hires Valere Studios to produce video content on a regular basis. Although photography is not the main focus of Valere Studios, we have the knowledge and equipment to produce high-quality corporate photography.

Valere Studios considers ourselves to be an extension of all our clients marketing and communications teams, because we understand how difficult it is to hire in-house.

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Photography Shoots with Valere Studios

Although Valere Studios focuses on video production, Home City Ice hires Valere Studios to do many different types of visual content creation, website and social media development, copy editing and SEO.

Larger-sized companies like Home City Ice have a variety of internal and external communication needs. Valere Studios is equipped to handle organizations like these, with live broadcasting, interactive experiences, addresses from the c-suite and internal training content expertise.

Potential clients can hire Valere Studios on a monthly or project-by-project basis. Valere recently introduced a limited-time package, click here to learn more.

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Home City Ice employee photographed by Valere Studios in Cincinnati.

Valere Studios in Cincinnati photographs Home City Ice employee driving delivery truck.
Valere Studios photographs Home City Ice employees in Cincinnati
Valere Studios photographs Home City Ice employees in Cincinnati.

Home City Ice Hires Valere

Home City Ice and Valere Studios have an ongoing business relationship that continues to grow, based on evolving video production needs within the company. Valere Studios films on location at Home City Ice’s facility and on the road with their delivery drivers.

Valere Studios is proud to represent Home City Ice’s photography and videography content and looks forward to future creative projects.

Photography Shoot Tips

Valere Studios uses these photography tips when doing corporate photo shoots with clients:

  • Be authentic. Relaxing and showing off your personality is a great way to produce high-quality photography.
  • Posture is important. Standing up straight in a photography shoot is key to displaying confidence and credibility amongst clients and competitors.
  • Professional editing is necessary. Hiring an agency with a seasoned senior-editor like Valere Studios, ensures each cut is seamless and accurately represents your organizations professionalism.
  • Avoid any distractions at the location. A professional photography shoot is clean and has minimal clutter or outside noise affecting the main subject.
  • Action shots are everything. There is nothing that screams authenticity more than photographing employees actually doing their job. Being able to document facial expressions, and the daily duties of your client’s working professionals adds business credibility.

The Future of Valere Studios and HCI

Valere Studios photographs many corporate businesses and their employees in the greater-Cincinnati area. Home City Ice hires Valere to produce quality photography and videography content to post on their website and social media platforms.

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