Valere Studios and Little Miami Conservancy

The Little Miami Conservancy hired Valere Studios to produce an informational video, highlighting three Little Miami canoe and kayak businesses philanthropy along the Little Miami River. Loveland Canoe and Kayak and Roads, Rivers and Trails were two of the donating businesses.

Valere produced a two-part video, intended for a social media announcement. The educational video was posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.  The announcement covered money donated to the Conservancy by the Little Miami canoe and kayak businesses.

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Informational Videos with Valere Studios

Valere Studios produces a variety of informational videos for its clients. The Little Miami River holds a special place in the hearts of Valere Studios production team.

Director and Founder Les Fultz and the Valere Studios production team produced another informational video of the Little Miami River Cleanup at Loveland Canoe and Kayak in late September. Valere posted the video via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Valere Studios produced an educational video for the Little Miami Conservancy and the Little Miami River on October 23.

Information on Little Miami Conservancy

Founded in 1967 by Glenn Thompson, the Little Miami Conservancy is dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Little Miami National Wild and Scenic River. The Little Miami River is Ohio’s first National Wild and Scenic River, partially thanks to the Conservancy’s efforts.

In the late 1970s, the Little Miami Conservancy campaigned in Washington D.C. and Columbus to find funding, creating what is now known as the Little Miami Bike Trail.

The Little Miami Conservancy protects riverfront land through legislative efforts, holds community education programs, hosts Little Miami River clean-up events, while also researching and monitoring river quality.

Valere Studios cares about Conservancy

Valere Studios Founder and Director, Les Fultz periodically films the Little Miami River to stock up content for his upcoming documentary. The Little Miami River is about 30 minutes away from Valere.

The video production team at Valere Studios is passionate about documenting conservation efforts in an easy and accessible way. Our easy-to-work with design allows clients to share and educate others via their website or social media platforms.

The Little Miami River is home to 87 species of fish and one endangered mussel species. It is a part of a watershed that drains 1,757 square miles in 11 southwestern Ohio counties.

Valere produces Informational Videos

Valere Studios produces a number of informational videos surrounding the Little Miami National Wild and Scienic River. The Little Miami Conservancy hired Valere to produce an informational video about the recent donations received from three Little Miami River canoe and kayak businesses.

Les Fultz, director and founder of Valere Studios, is passionate about bringing awareness to the Little Miami River by frequently filming conservation efforts for an upcoming documentary.

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