Mercy McAuley High School Commercial Video Production Project

In today’s digital world, the importance of video in educational organizations continues to increase as technology does. Mercy McAuley High School is located in Cincinnati, and hired Valere Studios to produce a series of promotional videos.

Mercy McAuley’s goal was creating informative and engaging content, aimed at prospective 8th-grade students and families for an upcoming open house.

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Pre-Production: Strategic Foundation for Commercial Video Production

The pre-production phase forms the strategic foundation of the project. The Valere Studios production team worked with the school’s Director of Marketing, Patty Thelen who came prepared with interview questions for twenty four people.

The questions framed the construction of a project plan, matched with the school’s identity and mission. In preparation to film, the shoot dates and schedules were adapted to lessen school day disruptions.

Selecting specific shooting locations is central to the pre-production phase. After identifying four key areas – the library, chapel, auditorium and gym, the  Valere Studios production team prepped each shooting site to create film-quality settings.

Library at Mercy McAuley High School used in a commercial video production project.
Photo of Sony Cinema Cameras in use during a commercial video production project
Chapel at Mercy McAuley High School used in a commercial video production project

Filming: Producing in Action

The filming phase brought the project’s creative vision to life with advanced recording equipment.

Valere Studios conducted a series of interviews with students, faculty, and staff. Moreover, these interviews added a human touch to the narrative through firsthand experiences and perspectives.

Valere Studios production team filmed four days of video in the different locations of the school. Given that, the chosen locations were crucial to the storytelling process, with each shooting space having unique elements that speak to the school’s overall image.

Post-Production: Creating a Narrative for Commercial Video Production

Post-production marked the transition from raw video to the final edit. Matching soundbites to visuals was a fun process, involving the careful selection of the most impactful elements.

Using cloud-based collaborative tools, Valere Studios merged client feedback into the editing process. Following this, Valere Studios translated Mercy McAuley’s vision into the final product, resulting in a series of ten concise videos. The different videos focused on highlighting impactful areas of the school.

The Distribution of Content

Nonetheless, driving traffic to the open house and Mercy McAuley’s website was the goal of posting the video series. The content was distributed via most social media channels, with Youtube serving as a tool to embed videos on different landing pages.