The Altafiber C-Suite on set at Valere Studios

AGAR returns with altafiber and Hawaiian Telcom to Valere Studios for a Company-Wide Virtual Broadcast Experience

CINCINNATI – For the second year in a row, AGAR hired the production team at Valere Studios for a one-of-a-kind virtual broadcast experience for clients altafiber and Hawaiian Telcom.

The Corporate Live Broadcast Project:

AGAR is an experiential marketing and event production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They employ some of the most talented creatives and producers in the industry.  After working closely with the client to establish the creative vision and goals of the project, they delivered the technical scope to the production team at Valere Studios.

In recent years, the emergence of virtual and hybrid broadcast options has been brought to the forefront. Valere Studios has been on the leading edge of AV technology and internet broadcast applications since it’s inception. The roster of top talent at Valere includes professionals in engineering, equipment operators, producers, directors, and seasoned broadcast professionals.

Valere Studios simplifies the entire process for clients who often face complex technical obstacles by deploying the right talent along with innovative, cutting-edge digital and broadcast technologies.

The goal of this particular project was to create a fun, engaging, and feedback-driven experience for both digital attendees and those in-studio.  The show provided updates on accomplishments from the last year and what the future holds for altafiber. Over one thousand employees tuned in and consumed over 3,000 hours of content. Additionally, custom polling and viewer engagement solutions delivered real-time answers and feedback.

The show was hosted by veteran broadcaster Julie O’Neill. Julie’s on-screen presence added significant value to the upbeat and informative aspects of the three hour show.

The panel consisted of the C-Suite from altafiber and Hawaiian Telcom including President and CEO Leigh Fox of altafiber, and Su Shin President and General Manager of Hawaiian Telcom.

The keynote was a remote guest, Elizabeth Blackburn – Director of Strategy & Engagement at Cincinnati Bengals.  Elizabeth delivered an inspirational keynote from the combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. She also highlighted the recently deployed Wifi infrastructure from altafiber and how that dramatically improved the fan experience at Paycor Stadium.

Leigh Fox and Julie O'Neill on set at Valere Studios

Leigh Fox – President and CEO and Julie O’Neill

The Altafiber executive team broadcasting to all their employees

Su Shin – President and General Manager Hawaiian Telcom

Julie O'Neill, Ron Beerman, and Josh Duckworth on set at Valere Studios

Julie O’Neill, Ron Beerman – Vice President – Network Operations and Technology, and Josh Duckworth – Chief Financial Officer

The Studio Set at Valere Studios:

Valere Studios delivered on the technical requirements and created a one-of-a-kind set that complemented Altafiber’s branding through the use of LED panels and in-house stage lighting.

The set featured two scenes for a dynamic experience. Scene one featured a high-speed fiber optic backdrop with 8 ft LED panels backlit with uplights and frosted LED tubes. An eight-person panel made up of the C-Suite engaged with viewers in real-time.

Scene two was meant to be a bit more personal with a softer look, armchairs, branding on the wall via gobo, and a white textured faux brick wall.