Valere Studios Produces a One-of-a-Kind Experience for the National Men’s Conference 2023

The National Men’s Conference is an annual event that brings together men of all faiths to Cincinnati for a day filled with incredible speakers and faith leaders. The 2023 event was recently held at the Cintas Center at Xavier University, with thousands of people tuning in from all over the globe, and 4,000 people in the audience. The Valere Studios team was hired to produce this event, and it was a great success.

The client came to Valere Studios with their vision, and through initial consulting work, the team took a bird’s eye view of the project and made suggestions on how to improve the experience for conference attendees both in-person and virtual. The team worked on stage, lighting, and sound engineering, all while staying within a specific budget with a not-to-exceed amount. Valere Studios also communicated technical details to the Cintas Center broadcast team to ensure a successful event.

Once the technical items were completed, the process of establishing a run of show began. This is always a crucial part of any production, whether it’s for a small studio production, a televised show, or an on-stage event. The run of show includes timing, technical details, talent, cameras, graphics, stage sets, and audio cues. Basically, what’s happening and when, so that the entire team is on the same page. Often, this document evolves leading up to the show itself.

The Valere Studios team also scrubs any content coming into the show and prepares it for screens and audio at the venue. Occasionally, user-generated content may be in a different format, frame rate, or the audio can be too high or too low. Valere Studios may also film, edit, or produce on-screen content for this type of production.

On the day of the show, the Valere Studios team coordinated with all the staff, crew, and necessary individuals that were on-staff to make sure each integral part was working as intended. That includes technical staff, logistics, camera crews, lighting, sound, and of course, the client and talent for the day.

The National Men's Conference powered by Valere Studios

Hosted at Xavier University’s Cintas Center, March 25th 2023

The National Men's Conference featured renowned speakers from around the world

Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnerr Archbishop of Cincinnati, Leading Morning Mass

Client Response:

“Les was the creator behind everything the world experienced on Saturday March 25 for our National Men’s Conference. We are getting an overwhelming amount of emails and comments on how unbelievable the sound, lighting and overall production of the show came across. Men were blown away saying it felt like New York theater or Hollywood quality. Leslie Fultz and Valere Studios have been with us since reviving this National Men’s Conference back in 2018 and continue to out do themselves every year. We could not have a better partner and creative team behind, what is now, the largest men’s conference in the country thanks to their creative hard work.” – Joe Condit, Founder National Men’s Conference.

The Valere Studios team simplified the entire production process and ensured that the National Men’s Conference was a success. They’re looking forward to the next event, and if you have inquiries, please contact the Valere Studios team at 5138276153 or [email protected].

Behind the Scenes in the Control Room of the Cintas Center

Jason Young operating Steadicam at the National Men's Conference

Jason Young capturing event footage

Hosted at Xavier's Cintas Center, the National Men's Conference was broadcast by Valere Studios around the world

Behind the scenes of the National Men’s Conference

The Production Team:

Valere Studios:

Les Fultz, Executive Producer, Stage Manager

Max Vincent, Director, Show Caller

Ellen Richey, Editor

Jason Young, Steadicam Operator


Dave Groh – Crew Chief

Sam White – A2, Head Audio, Stage

Jason Poff – A1, Audio Engineer, FOH

Andy Hillman – LD, Programmer, Operator

Dawson Butterfield – Master Electrician

Matt Lipinski – L2, Electrician, 2nd Video Wall Tech

Thank you to the Cintas Center:

Jason Dudley – TD

Scott Simpson – Camera

Gabe Ryan – Camera

Nick Gray – Camera

Benny Klarin – Camera Shader

Dave Overbeck – Xavier University Cintas Center,

Technical Director

Chris Schaaf – Xavier University Cintas Center, Director

for Broadcast & Engineering