Catholic School Video Production: St. Catharine of Siena Campaign

Catholic School video production continues transforming into an essential component of institutional success through increased social reach. Comparatively, Valere Studios is passionate about producing video content that speaks to our client’s vision with proven social platform results.

St. Catharine of Siena School recognizes the significance of online storytelling. Straightaway, Valere Studios was hired to produce an authentic campaign video, sharing the institutions strong culture, diversity and educational excellence.

Valere Studios Produces Personally

St. Catharine of Siena School’s goal for Valere Studios was producing a video that encouraged prospective students and families to attend their upcoming open house.

Moreover, Valere’s Founder and alumni of St. Catharine of Siena School, Les Fultz had a personal connection to this project.

“Creating this content holds a special place in my heart,” said Fultz. “Working with my alma mater was an enlightening experience that I have a strong emotional connection to.”

Valere Studios produced a high-quality video professional equipment, including:

  • Sony Cinema camera kit
  • LED lighting
  • AV equipment
  • Basic grip package
  • Diffusion
  • Modifiers

Photo from Cincinnati Catholic School video production
Video production in Cincinnati Catholic School
Photo from Cincinnati Catholic School video production

Video Production for Catholic Schools

With plenty of social platforms arising online, it can be difficult to find the best fit. Despite this, using a mainstream service such as Facebook produces the most productive Return On Investment (ROI) results– according to the data in HubSpot’s, “State of Marketing Report”. 

St. Catharine School of Siena posted their campaign content on Facebook, YouTube and their website. To emphasize, utilizing a multichannel of social media platforms maximizes online engagement, real-time feedback and helps establish long-lasting relationships with current and future clients.

In this specific video, The School received roughly 2.5k views via Facebook– over ten times the average 200 views per video on their other content.

Valere Studios appreciates and applies social media metrics with all projects. Furthermore, the ability to measure peformance status and goals is essential to developing effective marketing strategies.

Cincinnati Video Production

In campaign content, showcasing the areas surrounding the major activity and impact is crucial in quality content production. Nevertheless, Valere Studios chose to highlight the classrooms, library, church and hallways.

St. Catharine of Siena School’s mission is celebrating its commitment to safety, educational excellence and diverse nationalities, including other faith denominations.

Considering this, Valere Studios brought these values to life in a less-than five minute video. In addition, the video production gave prospective families an authentic view of the learning environment by interviewing different members of The School.

Photo from Cincinnati Catholic School video production
Photo from Cincinnati Catholic School video production
Photo from Cincinnati Catholic School video production


Producing a digital campaign video for the St. Catharine School of Siena included omnichannel publishing, high-quality camera operation and video editing skills.

To summarize, Valere Studios contributes storytelling expertise that exudes authenticity, trustworthiness and credibility. With this purpose in mind, Valere provides the tools and creative, tailoring to the client’s vision with modern knowledge and equipment for successful video content marketing.