Meet The Producer – My Story

My journey as a digital content creator began in 2008 when I assisted a local service company in their digital transformation. It was during this time that I came across a book titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Growing Your Business with Google.” Implementing the strategies outlined in the book, I not only elevated the business to new heights but also ventured into starting an eco-friendly cleaning company in 2010. Through strategic utilization of Google, social media, and email marketing, I successfully grew the business while significantly reducing customer acquisition times.

During this period, I discovered the immense power of video as a primary medium to communicate a brand’s message online. Recognizing its ability to convert web traffic into paying customers and foster a loyal fanbase, I fully embraced the value of incorporating video into digital strategies.

In 2014, I made a pivotal decision to sell my eco-friendly cleaning business and fully dedicate myself to content marketing. This marked a significant turning point in my professional journey, as I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the dynamic world of digital content creation.

In January 2015, my path as a photographer began to take shape with the acquisition of a Canon Powershot, an affordable $150 camera. Little did I know that this humble device would become my gateway to a world brimming with endless possibilities. Through the lens of this camera, I discovered my true passion—capturing life’s extraordinary moments and weaving captivating narratives.

Despite my limited knowledge of the filmmaking and video production realm at the time, I embarked on an awe-inspiring journey fueled by unwavering determination and a God-given talent. Fate had incredible plans in store for me, as I started collaborating with renowned brands, capturing the essence of celebrities, and immortalizing the visions of visionary CEOs.

The most rewarding aspect of my work has been the heartfelt testimonials and stories from our clients, their cherished customers, and those whose lives we have touched. Empowering small businesses, amplifying their messages to the world, and forging meaningful connections between consumers and the brands they love have always remained at the core of my mission.  With every single project I consider not only the short-term impact of the creative work, but what is the lasting impression? How will my work spark a meaningful interaction with measurable results?

Today, I proudly operate one of the region’s most cutting-edge internet broadcast studios, boasting an impressive roster of clients and reaching millions of people across the globe. However, I will never forget where it all started—with a camera and a dream!

Now that you know more about me, I’m excited to learn more about you. I look forward to bringing your vision to life!

Les Fultz


Contact me here: email [email protected] or call 5138276153