Valere Event and Video Productions produced a live broadcast from the financial district in Toronto, Ontario for Badger Infrastructure Solutions.

The event was a hybrid broadcast, intended for both an in-person and virtual crowd. Due to the high-profile nature of the event, Badger relies on our team to ensure there are no technical errors.  As with any major event, your image is everything.


Consultation for the event began in January. A list of all the things needed to produce the content was created. This list was trimmed to exclude excessive equipment.

It’s important to put together a high-quality event, but it’s also important to remain mindful of wasteful spending. Our team has the experience and the knowledge necessary to save our clients money wherever possible.


Although Valere is based in Cincinnati, we travel in order to accommodate the needs of our clients. In February, producer Leslie Fultz traveled to Toronto in order to check out the venue at the Shangri-La hotel and work directly with the head of Investor Relations and the Chief Marketing Officer to plan the event.

An image of a Badger truck in Toronto.
An image of a Badger truck in Toronto.


One of our biggest priorities when planning an event production is technical engineering. Something like a large corporate event requires the use of many pieces to run correctly, and one missing piece can derail the entire production. Using unnecessary equipment adds more risk to an already delicate procedure.  Reducing any points of failure is a top priority.

To prevent complications, we work directly with our clients to revise and refine an equipment list that cut down on these possible failure points. Backup plans and systems are also established to keep programs running smoothly even if something goes wrong.

Utilizing the HS-3200 video switcher from Datavideo is a huge part of our operation. It allows us to operate and route video and audio from a central point, eliminating the need for extra equipment.


The Investor Day meeting took place in March. Leslie Fultz traveled to Toronto once again. He oversaw everything in the production and gave direction to the crew as the event progressed.

Whether it was to instruct a camera operator to make adjustments to their framing or call for an on-screen graphic to be changed, Les handled all of the live decision making of the production.

High-pressure situations are familiar territory for Valere. We have the skill and knowledge necessary to provide our clients and the audience with the best experience possible.

Sign of Badger's Investor Day meeting as part of an investor day event production from Valere

Image of a 2024 Investor Day event production for Badger
Image of producer Leslie Fultz operating the switcher at Badger's Investor Day event production.
BTS image of Badger's 2024 Investor Day event production.
BTS image of the Datavideo switcher for Badger's 2024 Investor Day meeting.
Image of Badger's 2024 Investor Day Meeting


Valere Event and Video Productions oversees the entirety of your corporate events. We take out the stress and hassle of setting up a production. We serve as stewards of our clients’ resources, working within the confines of their budget and preventing outside companies from overcharging for unnecessary equipment.

Valere pinpoints exactly what your project needs and remove redundancy. Not only will we meet your expectations, we will exceed them and deliver a quality product with a fast turnaround. Badger’s Investor Day event production was planned and executed in just a few months.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to clear communication and client satisfaction. From beginning to end, we work with you to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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