Analytics that Profit hired Valere Studios to produce an eLearning video series about search engine optimization. The series was produced in our studio space, where a virtual set was created using a green screen.


eLearning refers to a course or learning experience that is conducted through an online platform. Utilizing videos for eLearning is beneficial to brands in numerous ways, such as providing a visual experience for internal job training.


In addition to the green screen background, this production called for on-screen graphics, images, and a teleprompter. Each episode was a live-to-tape recording, and all of the editing was done as the show progressed. External monitors provided the client with a way to view the final image during the broadcast.


One of the greatest advantages of filming on our virtual sets is the quick turnaround time. Since all of the footage, audio, and graphics are edited live, you get a finished video ready for publishing as soon as the production ends. If you have a deadline that is approaching fast and you have content that needs to be delivered quickly, a virtual set is a great option.

Screenshot of the Analytics That Profit project.
BTS image of an online course video production for Analytics That Profit.
BTS image of an online course video production for Analytics That Profit.
BTS image of an online course video production for Analytics That Profit.


Another advantage of filming on a virtual set is that they are cost effective. Creating a finished product in a single sitting reduces the labor cost of traditional post-production editing. Virtual sets are easily customized and reused, eliminating the need to create new designs for each project.

Recording a video series on a virtual set gives companies a great way to optimize spending, as they can publish a wide variety of content over a long period of time while only paying for one day of production.


Valere’s studio is equipped with state-of-the-art video technology that makes the process of filming content for our clients simple. Our cinematic Sony cameras give a crisp and clean image while our in-house lighting provides a custom visual experience tailored to your project’s needs.

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