Valere Event and Video Productions was once again hired by Wave Sports + Entertainment. This time, our team was brought on to film backstage confessionals for an event hosted by Travis and Jason Kelce called the Great Lombaby Games. Daily videos featuring these games are being posted on the social media pages for the Kelce brothers’ online series, New Heights.

The Great Lombaby Games took place at the University of Cincinnati. Two teams of college students were pitted against each other in various challenges. “Team Jock,” composed of UC student athletes, competed against “Team Nerd,” who were made up of academic students.


Confessionals of the contestants were filmed before, during, and after the games. Utilizing a single-camera setup and a high-quality boom microphone, we recorded sound bites while members of the Wave Sports team conducted the interviews.

The pace of each interview was very fast. Once they began, they continued throughout the entirety of the show. All 20 contestants were filmed in rapid succession at the beginning of the night. After each game, subjects were asked to give their thoughts on their performance and their team. Capping off the evening were the postgame confessionals, where each participant was interviewed a final time.

BTS image of our setup for celebrity event filming of the Lombaby Games.
BTS image of our setup for celebrity event filming of the Lombaby Games.
Screenshot of backstage confessional footage for the Great Lombaby Games. Part of Valere's celebrity event filming for Wave Sports.

Photo of the arena screen at the Great Lombaby Games.
Screenshot of backstage confessional footage for the Great Lombaby Games.


Wave Sports needed our footage quickly, and our crew is no stranger to these high-pressure environments. We provided them with our material that very evening, giving their post-production team files to edit as soon as possible.

It was imperative that each interview had top-notch video and audio. There were no opportunities for reshoots in the event of a mistake. Multiple external monitors ensured that our team and the client were happy with the footage. Sound was mixed for each individual contestant, ensuring consistent audio quality throughout the production.

Multiple methods of capturing footage were utilized. Video was recorded through the camera itself, Ninja monitors, and vMix on a laptop. Backup recordings are crucial because they ensure that your files are safe even when one method fails.


Since this content was intended for social media platforms, video was shot with a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio in mind. Subjects were placed carefully in the center of the frame to allow for optimal viewing on smartphone screens. Care was also taken to keep the Party City logo as visible as possible in the background, as their sponsorship was crucial to the event.

We have years of experience filming and editing for social media content. Our cameras record high-resolution video, allowing content to be posted in widescreen or vertical format depending on your platform.

If you’re looking for a video production team that you can rely on to deliver quick and professional results, we have the talent that you need. Valere will provide you with a steady partnership that takes the challenges and hassle out of creating content.

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