Centennial, Inc Hires Valere Studios for the purpose of Filming a Brand Video

Centennial, Inc is an executive search firm serving companies both locally in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. The goal of the project was to speak to their core mission and their patented 4C process where Centennial introduces their clients to candidates who match their character, culture, chemistry AND competencies.  They sought out Valere Studios based on our experience for producing corporate brand videos.

The Filming Location:

We filmed the brand video on-location at their offices in Newport, Kentucky.  The scene was set in their foyer and meeting areas. The ornate finishes inside the former Weidermann home added to the amazing images captured on our Sony Cinema cameras.

Lighting Design:

We used several fixtures during the interview process. Key light was bounced off the white ceiling in the foyer to provide a nice wrap of light around the subject. Nanlite Forza 200. Hair light was thrown from about twenty feet from a platform midway up the staircase behind the subject.  We used a fresnel modifier on a Nanlite 60B.  The background was lit with a Nanlite Pavo Tube. Similar process was used in other scenes.

Cameras set up for a corporate film shoot.
Mike Sipple of Centennial, Inc being interviewed on camera for a new brand video for their website
Two Sony FX3 Cameras set up for a corporate interview

The Valere Corporate Interview Process:

Valere Studios works with all of our clients to ensure the corporate interview frames up the story the client has envisioned from day one. We produce several drafts of questions that can be used to extract content from subjects. Often, these questions just provide a guide and the story unfolds during filming that our team can build upon.  Sometimes, the magic of the interview helps us to discover something of value that wasn’t put on paper to begin with. These steps are vitally important in the pre-production process.

Post Production Editing:

Through the use of collaborative software and cloud based solutions we make the post production process seamless.  Clients can comment on the footage captured and communicate with out whole team in order to speed up delivery of the project.

Video Distribution:

The main focus of the content will live on the Centennial website, sales funnels, and social media campaigns.   We spend the extra time with clients to ensure that the videos we produce receive their maximum audience.

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