Cincinnati Production House Solves Talent Shortages with Hands-On Video Production Training and Consulting Services

As the need for corporations to invest in the vast array of video communications increases, Owner Les Fultz of Valere Studios helps corporations solve complex audio-visual needs and addresses talent shortages with a one-of-a-kind corporate training program. In addition  to this training at their cutting-edge broadcast studio, Fultz serves as an Audio Visual (AV) consultant for video production, live video and studio design-build projects.

The Need  

The need for skilled technical video professionals to operate corporate studios and produce digital content is currently outpacing the available talent pool. Companies both large and small are looking for innovative, cost-effective solutions to improve corporate communications both internally and externally. Especially, multi-location or international firms are seeking better ways to communicate effectively and efficiently with their team and clients. Small-to-midsize firms also need help navigating this space. In today’s video world, a vast array of AV options for a range of budgets exists. Innovation has moved at lighting speed since 2020 with the “work from home” initiatives and live video technology. Solving complex AV applications and integrations is the first part, secondly, is sourcing the right talent with the appropriate skill set to operate the equipment and produce the content. This is where Fultz and his team at Valere Studios step in.

Corporate Video Production Training

Valere Studios Audio and Visual Training program involves a seven-day in-person training at their Cincinnati studio. The studio boasts the same technology that is deployed inside corporate studios across the globe. From software, hardware and the latest imaging equipment, the studio has the infrastructure for a valuable hands-on experience that is unlike any other. Trainees experience these basic fundamentals while onsite: 

  • Pre-production process. Where does a creative project begin, what are the resources needed and how do we achieve the results?  
  • Storyboarding. Learn storyboarding: the framing up the project from script to screen – for both live shows and marketing or communication videos. 
  • Filming in the field and/or in-studio. The trainee receives the most important hands-on experience with film and live broadcast equipment.  
  • The livestreaming process, live broadcast. Experience operating a live production switcher, learn encoding basics and broadcast a webinar or talk show.  
  • Post production process. Edit a short two-minute promotional video using Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

The training is followed up with a minimum of 50 hours of virtual training, and Valere Studios may travel at the clients request for further onsite training at corporate headquarters or branch location(s).  

As the need for video solutions for corporations continues to grow, Valere Studios is a global leader in custom training programs for companies of all sizes. Curious about a solution their team can provide? Get in contact today.

The Solution

The Valere Studios team serves corporate clients with an advanced AV, broadcast and video production background. Together their team has built multiple studio sets, filmed several hundred corporate videos, and, currently, operates a newly remodeled, one-of-a-kind cutting edge broadcast studio and training facility in Cincinnati. The team includes experience in marketing, broadcast television and extensive technical video applications.

Logos in their roster include Fox News, Fox Business, ABC News, Kroger, Altafiber and  Reckitt. They are also recognized for their expertise on a global scale from one of the world’s leading producers of AV broadcast equipment, Datavideo.

Valere Studios AV consulting prevents wasteful spending, identifies potential risks, and provides current, easy-to-use broadcast solutions. They have served companies on AV and live broadcast  projects ranging from $50,000 to $1.5 million.

The company also has strategic partnerships with AV integrators, equipment manufacturers, technology solutions and IT firms.

Behind the scenes of the AV Booth for live and hybrid events
The Studio set up for for a live panel discussion with Virtual Guests
TAG Data Talk Podcast filmed at Valere Studios