A Cabinet and Granite Company Hires Valere Studios to produce a video series.

West Chester, Ohio – The Cabinet and Granite Depot  hired Valere Studios to produce a series of web videos to highlight all aspects of their operation.  Intended for YouTube, however the campaign has been distributed to all social media platforms for maximum reach.

Valere Studios has provided new opportunities for people to engage with The Cabinet and Granite Depot and the videos will live on the internet indefinitely on multiple platforms.  This will provide years of revenue generating assets and provide a foundation for social media exposure and growth.

The value of a campaign like this is not only the initial wave of exposure from social media, but also the long term search engine visibility aspect. This series will show their prospects and potential new commercial clients how capable their operation truly is when they research the organization.

Our top-of-the-line Sony imaging equipment has produced stunning footage of their design, fabrication, and installation processes.

You can find the series on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  There is a sample of the videos below.  Please enjoy this ten part video series produce by Valere Studios!

Les operating camera at the Cabinet and Granite Depot

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