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New Live Broadcasting Studio Now Open in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI—Valere Studios, Cincinnati’s first live broadcasting studio available to the public and small-to-large enterprises is located in Westwood on Montana Ave, just six minutes from downtown. Making use of the latest advancements in digital marketing and technology, Valere Studios is excited about helping people and organizations broadcast their message on social media at a professional level.


Valere’s multi-camera switching, high quality sound, and graphics can be introduced into a Facebook Live stream, or on a YouTube channel or website. In addition to in-house production services, this technology is also available in the field. This provides a turn-key broadcasting solution for anyone who needs a message to be delivered.


Branding, customer engagement, and sales see a dramatic increase as a result of this new and exciting format for broadcasting and marketing.


Valere Studios’ mission is to provide access to high quality digital production services for the public and local enterprises, both large and small.