What is broadcast level live streaming?

What exactly is broadcast level live streaming?

Well, it’s something you are going to want – and quickly! – if you are using any type of video or live streaming to help market your business or to document your special event.

Broadcast level live streaming on Facebook and other social media platforms will make your company stand out amongst all the cell-phone streaming that many businesses are currently using to promote their brand.

And, the GREAT news is: broadcast level live streaming is available in Cincinnati with Valere Studios!

Imagine this: high quality audio that your target audience can actually hear and enjoy! As you well know from posting yourself or watching others’ streaming, that is certainly not always the case.

Let’s move on to multi-camera live switchingholy cow, you’re going to love this! You can switch your video/live stream seamlessly from showcasing you, to your product or business activity, to fantastic graphics – like we said, professional, broadcast level!

This level of expert streaming is absolutely perfect for in-studio recording for talk shows, political announcements, and live music.

Also, envision the feedback you will get with this quality coverage of on-stage events, corporate panels, banquets and special events – live streaming on this high-level playing field will elevate your marketing or event to a stratosphere that no one else in Cincinnati is doing right now!

Wouldn’t you like to be among the first whose company’s live streaming and video is truly “drop mic” quality? Your fans, followers, prospects, and clients will be amazed, and you will be excited and overwhelmed (in a good way!) with positive results.

Who’s NOT on Facebook these days? Sure, some people aren’t but compared to the number of people who are and the widespread demographics of people who look, post, read, watch and click – it’s astronomical, really.

That’s why savvy business people and their marketing advisors are turning more and more to video and live streaming on social media.

But there’s a hitch:

The super savvy businesses know that the list of potential clients who click and watch are already tired of the “we did it ourselves in the family room” approach. It was kitschy at first when ol’ Charlie from next door would hold his cell phone and video a company’s promo for them and that company would excitedly upload the video and begin counting the “likes” with glee.

Then came live streaming, and more and more people thought, hey, I can do this myself! Sure, you can certainly do it yourself, but as more and more businesses will quickly be upping their game, well, that approach is soon to be over, folks.

The time is now to have creative and professional videos and live streaming reaching out to your target market on social media. No more, “Let’s film this in our backyard on the cell phone…people will think it’s cute.”

Valere Studios is ahead of the curve on this. We have invested in advanced production technology – to produce your company’s creative content and have your branding explode….that’s explode in a good way! We help you live stream with high quality audio, graphics, and production advantages that your competition is just not up to yet.

Facebook Live is the web’s hottest piece of content right now.  Most brands are really struggling with how to monetize it. As we mentioned above, the poor quality of cell phones is just a big turn off!

Valere Studios produces on a true broadcast level and cinematic approach that will outreach and outmaneuver your competition’s cell phone video marketing efforts with ease. It’s affordable…and fun, too!

New Live Broadcasting Studio Now Open in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI—Valere Studios, Cincinnati’s first live broadcasting studio available to the public and small-to-large enterprises is located in Westwood on Montana Ave, just six minutes from downtown. Making use of the latest advancements in digital marketing and technology, Valere Studios is excited about helping people and organizations broadcast their message on social media at a professional level.


Valere’s multi-camera switching, high quality sound, and graphics can be introduced into a Facebook Live stream, or on a YouTube channel or website. In addition to in-house production services, this technology is also available in the field. This provides a turn-key broadcasting solution for anyone who needs a message to be delivered.


Branding, customer engagement, and sales see a dramatic increase as a result of this new and exciting format for broadcasting and marketing.


Valere Studios’ mission is to provide access to high quality digital production services for the public and local enterprises, both large and small.

People flock to the brands they love. Like Loveland Canoe and Kayak!

With over 500 hours of video on YouTube, 3.3 million posts on Facebook, 3.8 Million Google searches, 448,800 tweets, and 150,000 emails sent every 60 seconds (Smart Insights) it’s a big challenge to stand out.

The need to produce high quality relative content in this digital world is a big challenge from brands both small and large. Make no mistake people flock to the brands they love. It’s how you navigate this complex world of digital content that will make all the difference.

There’s strategy, story telling, and utilizing resources that help you through the process.  It’s sometimes a monumental task for the small to medium size business.  Some thing’s are very important:

  • Establishing a brand identity
  • Developing a plan
  • Writing an editorial calendar
  • Delegating responsibility to people that have the experience
  • Producing highly relative, engaging content
  • Consistency
  • Using video and photography to stand out
  • Utilizing paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

Coupled with strategic planning, video will be the have the most impact overall. It’s the strongest piece of content you can publish.  Cell phone video is great but it can have some negative impact too.  There’s great free apps like Animoto, iMovie, and Adobe Spark.  If I had my pick it would be Adobe Spark.  It’s on the App Store, and available through a web-based version.  If you’re not comfortable with assembly, composition, or establishing the message, default to my tip above.  Delegate the responsibility to someone that has the right experience.

Brands still have not fully grasped the power of video marketing on facebook.  Big brands like Wendy’s surely are jumping on the bandwagon:

Just because your not Wendy’s doesn’t mean you can’t be just as awesome, and draw people into your business.  Take for example local company Loveland Canoe and Kayak.  We produce regular content throughout their season to increase brand awareness and most importantly drive traffic directly to their door.


You see, if your not producing this style of content what kind of audience are you missing?  They certainly are not finding you in the yellow book.

If you have questions about marketing strategies, video content, and curious on how you can stand out we’re here to help.

Brand Shepherd – Website Video

Brand Shepherd helps product makers with branding, packaging, messaging, and visual media. Dan Crask worked for months on this concept.  The copy was very important to him.  Once he had a significant amount of feedback and honed in on his message he contacted Valere Studios for help on the project.

Dan offered his concept, and with collaboration from his team, marketing community, and input from another multimedia specialist Vernard S Fields we helped bring this video to life.

The video would not have been possible without Brand Shepherds creative and feedback process.

It was a real honor to help brand, Brand Shepherd.