Some profitable ways to utilize video right now!

Some profitable ways to utilize video right now!


The pandemic has taught us all a lot. Including ways to better communicate with staff and the public. Utilizing video combined with social media strategies has been an incredibly successful and profitable approach for many.


Now, the big question is? How should I be using video right now to help with our marketing goals?


  1. Create a new brand video for your website and social media. Share the good news, employee promotions, product or service enhancements, or all the exciting things you’ve been planning over the last year. 
  2. Use tools like your cell phone tablet to film “behind the scenes” videos in the office or production space.  Do short updates in-between your more highly branded, story driven videos.
  3. Hybrid approaches.  LIVE video was incredibly successful for most businesses during the pandemic. They reached more people faster, and obtained real-time insights that helped businesses improve things in record time. That doesn’t mean you should put it to the wayside now that the pandemic is near its end. Find better ways to incorporate live video and engagement tools with in-person events, sales announcements, monthly meetings, managers meetings, or annual functions. There are some simple, professional solutions you can buy on your own, or hire us to help you implement the AV.. 
  4. Event promotions.  Now that in-person events are roaring back, hire a good crew to document the event for use in future promotions. We can easily add this to your livestream or hybrid event. 


Now that you have a few tips in your arsenal it’s time to get started. Some things you can do on your own, and some things you may need our help with. We’d be happy to discuss your business goals, and answer any of your questions. But this is the time to share the good news with a video from Valere Studios.  


Live Streaming Studio Available for Corporate Communications during Coronavirus Outbreak

March 10, 2020

CINCINNATI – Corporate events across the US are canceled or rescheduled amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Cincinnati-based service company Valere Studios provides live streaming communications to assist event organizers with digital and virtual solutions to reach their audiences during altered plans.

This cutting-edge mobile studio provides multiple cameras, graphics and a camera operator for complete internet streaming and broadcasting. Ideal for on-stage panels, interviews and live audience engagement, three cameras capture the content and keep canceled events relevant and useful.

Valere Studios’ cloud-based solution reaches many platforms all at once. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and to any RTMP.

The modern live streaming studio is located in Reading, OH, and is perfect for panels, interviews or talk shows. Valere Studios also travels to serve their clients for on-location productions.

As concerns with Coronavirus continue, Valere Studios uses innovative digital technologies to ensure brands stay in-touch with their audiences.

Corporations, houses of worship and the public sector look to Valere Studios’ solutions to engage their audience and reduce exposure during the Coronavirus outbreak.

For more information on equipment and live streaming services contact or call 513.827.6153