Behind the Scenes: Multi-Camera High-Profile Pharmaceutical Video Shoot at ADC Fine Art

In the world of commercial video production, every project presents its unique challenges and opportunities. Recently, Valere Studios embarked on an exciting venture, demonstrating their expertise in the field of multi-camera film shoots during a high-profile pharmaceutical production. Join us as we delve into the details of this remarkable project, highlighting the use of cutting-edge equipment and remote production techniques.

The Project Scope

Valere Studios, known for their excellence in commercial video production, was entrusted with a critical task: capturing the essence of a pharmaceutical company’s work in a high-profile video shoot. These kinds of projects often require the utmost precision and professionalism, which Valere Studios is renowned for.

For this particular shoot, Valere Studios turned to their fleet of Sony Cinema Cameras, ensuring the production would feature superior image quality. The Director of Photography opted for shooting in LOG format, allowing for color grading in post-production. This choice ensured that the final product would seamlessly match the look and feel of other videos shot in various locations, a crucial aspect in maintaining a consistent brand image. Sony’s Cinetone picture profiles were instrumental in achieving that cinematic look and feel.

Camera two in SLOG3
Camera one in SLOG3
Camera three in SLOG3
Composition of camera two on commercial film shoot by valere studios
composition of camera one on commercial film shoot by valere studios
Composition of camera three on commercial film shoot by Valere Studios

Remote Production

In today’s fast-paced world, time-sensitive high-profile projects are commonplace. This pharmaceutical video shoot was no exception, with a pressing need for quick turnaround times. To accommodate this demand, Valere Studios leveraged remote production capabilities. The team welcomed a director, producer, and legal representatives via Zoom, allowing them to actively participate in the shoot from afar. This remote collaboration is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of video production, providing flexibility and efficiency in executing high-profile projects.

Choosing the Perfect Venue: ADC Fine Art

Selecting the right location can be pivotal in achieving the desired ambiance and aesthetics for a video project. For this pharmaceutical shoot, Valere Studios found an ideal setting at ADC Fine Art, located in downtown Cincinnati’s West End. The studio’s high ceilings, dock access, and spacious layout allowed the team to compose the perfect shots. The staff at ADC Fine Art Studio played a crucial role in making the cast and crew feel comfortable and well-supported throughout the production.

Behind the scenes photo of a Pharmaceutical Video Shoot in Cincinnati Ohio produced by Valere Studios
Behind the scenes photo of a Pharmaceutical Video Shoot produced by Valere Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio
Shot of Valere Studios fleet of Sony FX3 cinema cameras set up for this Pharmaceutical Video Shoot

Equipment Arsenal for this Pharmaceutical Video Shoot

Valere Studios spared no expense in assembling an impressive array of equipment to ensure the shoot’s success:

  • Three Sony FX3 Cameras: For capturing high-quality visuals.
  • Four Ninja V Recorders: Essential for recording multiple camera feeds.
  • Three Nanlite Forza 200s: Used as key lights for optimal illumination.
  • Fresnel light modifiers: Employed to create dynamic background lighting.
  • Octagon Softbox: Provided fill light to enhance the subject’s visibility.
  • Schoeps CMIT 5 U Shotgun Condenser Microphones: Utilized on booms for pristine audio capture.
  • Wireless lavaliere microphones: Ensured clear audio from subjects.
  • Atomos XCast with Ninja V: Facilitated switching and displayed a multiview feed for remote participants.
  • Datavideo CAP2 HDMI card: Allowed seamless integration with Zoom.
  • Lilliput 12-inch 4K production monitor: Provided a clear view of the production in progress.


The multi-camera high-profile pharmaceutical video shoot at ADC Fine Art exemplifies Valere Studios’ commitment to excellence in commercial video production. Their dedication to utilizing top-tier equipment, employing remote production techniques, and selecting the perfect venue all contributed to a successful project. As the industry continues to evolve, Valere Studios remains at the forefront, delivering outstanding results for their clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Valere Studios Production Team:

Les Fultz – Technical Director, Camera Operator

Ellen Richey – Creative Director, Production Assistant

David Cline – Camera Operator

Brandon Weaver (Iron Wing) – Grip, Lighting Design

Troy Howard (Iron Wing) – Sound Engineer

Julie Long – Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe