Video marketing tips and what’s happening NOW.

We’ve seen an exciting opportunity in recent years to increase your reach and exposure with video.  All of the social media platforms now allow you to engage your audience with video. Not only is it an opportunity to open up two-way communication with your target audience in virtually real-time, but video acts as a long term asset for your business. Video never goes away and continues to provide benefits for the long haul.


Facebook Live:

Yes. It’s a thing and it works. No other social media platform allows you to instantly engage with your fans like Facebook Live.  In a mere matter of moments you can share what’s happening now. Customer testimonials, product demonstrations, live events, and anything else you deem awesome about your product or service.  Here’s a few tips to make sure its a success:


  • Check your internet connection.  At large events you could be losing your feed because so many people are using cell towers. Connect to a stable wifi connection if possible. Use a mobile app to perform speed tests.
  • Lighting. Make sure you and your subjects are well lit.  If going live indoors ensure you have ample light and avoid standing in front of windows.
  • Sound.  Pick a spot with less noise.  You can also find lav mics or video mics that are compatible with iPhone or Android.
  • Composition.  If you have a guest or want to showcase the fun at an event go 16:9 or landscape mode. If it’s just you and the emphasis is on your commentary you can shoot 4:3 or portrait.
  • Stabilization.  USE A CELL TRIPOD or cell phone gimbal.  No one likes shaky video.


If you really want to WOW your audience ask about our professional live streaming service.  We can add music, fancy intros, graphics, and multiple cameras. Good for interviews, on-stage events, product launches, and the ability to produce your very own episodical show on Facebook!   


Pre-recorded Content:

Social media platforms have become a marketers dream when introducing strategically produced video content. It’s important to identify a specific goal for your video content vs. shooting just for vanity. Focus on the demographics.  Who do you want to reach and why.  The ability to target a very specific audience with video has drastically improved over the years. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Google you have a huge opportunity to drive sales growth with video combined with ads.


Here’s some very important tips:


  • Branding. Make sure the editor is familiar with your brand guidelines. Logo placement and graphic choices really matter.
  • Shooting Style.  Out with the old and in with the new. No one wants to watch a corporate video on social media that was so 2010. Get ready for those views, shares, and engagement to stay flat.  People want to see what’s happening now. Not some heavily scripted infomercial.
  • Length.  Rule of thumb to keep your audience glued to your content is under two minutes.  If you really want to maximize your reach and conversions focus on :59.  If you can shoot in under 1 minute you have the ability to publish on every platform. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  


Video marketing is an ever changing space with new and exciting opportunities for you to increase your exposure and open dialog with your ideal customer. Whether it’s live or pre-recorded content you’ll want to chat with a solution provider that knows how to treat your brand properly in this space.  Someone who knows how to target your specific audience.


Want to learn more? Reach me at and follow us @ValereStudios for more useful info, tips, and examples of our work. The time for video is NOW.