Series: How to Use Formatting to Make the Most of Your Shareable Content

In this blog series, Valere Studios covers essential elements to creating and formatting your shareable content for its best potential and reach in your social and digital marketing.

If something doesn’t look good in the store, do you buy it?  Likely not.  In fact, you probably cruise on by and don’t give it a second thought. Likewise, when online, if it doesn’t look worth opening or reading, well, people just don’t.  Open or read it, that is.  That’s why making your shareable content attractive and engaging is so important to your business marketing.

The first secret to creating content that, well, travels – meaning it obtains a reach equal to its full potential – is custom images.

A study reveals that people retain only 10–20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65 percent of visual information?  What does that mean for your shareable content? Use images and make your imagespop.  For many of our clients, we like to use on-site photographs to create stand-out images.  An example of a client’s a widely shared image was posted on Encore Talent Productions’ social media platforms:

Have you Thanked a Veteran Today- (1)









This is a photo we took on-site at an Encore dance competition last summer.  How appropriate to highlight our client Encore (and its commitment to honoring our veterans) with the use of an impactful custom image!

So, why are images so important?  They are highly shareable.  That alone is the best reason.  In fact, images that accompany a Twitter post average a 35 percent boost in retweets.  But, let’s take it a step further: images can be fun!  Are you more likely to click on and view a fun image (especially if it’s touting a sale or service you have been looking for!) or just to click and read some text?  Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of two formats using an actual image created for our client Cincinnati Maintenance:


CM Does It Feel Like You are Cleaning Like This-Call on Cincinnati Maintenance! We offer....

Which is more appealing?  Which is more fun?  The same content is shared, but the custom image makes the content memorable and, most importantly, easily shareable.  For this particularly custom image, we used an interesting stock photo and an easy online image creation tool.

Other types of images create buzz as well.  Charts, animated graphics and Infographics, to name a few.  And, here’s an idea you may not have thought of: hand drawn images also increase social share.  It’s true!  Just “google” hand drawn images and a whole new world opens up when it’s time to pick and choose what image works best for your business’s digital marketing.

Lastly, one more little hint: use your custom images to do more than tout your services or sales promotions.  A custom image can be created to share your company’s values or mission or it can give a fun, personal insight into a business owner’s personality.