Are You Paying Attention? Digital Strategy is Imperative for Businesses to Thrive in this Social Media-driven Content Marketing Era

Last week, we posted on Facebook an interesting article about the importance of digital strategy (you know…social media, email campaigns, content marketing) for businesses that seemed to gain a lot of readership/traction.  It’s always fun to see what gets “liked” and “shared.”  In other words, it’s interesting to see what YOU are interested in.  And, Valere Studios pays attention.

The article is titled CFOs are Failing to Recognize the Importance of Digital Strategy from Business Insider.  Now, why do you think this pretty short article garnered some significant traction?  Perhaps because our business owner friends are saying, “Oh, man, is there something I or my executives are missing?”

Facts are, yes – if you or your executives are not realizing the importance of digital strategy, you run the risk of being left behind.  This Business Insider piece talks about a survey that showed that “that only 50% of CFOs are making the shift to a digital business model a priority over the next three years.”  Not good, friends.

Take a close look at this:

“It’s surprising that few CFOs are placing a high priority on digital because the digital transformation is arguably one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing firms today,” said Laurence Buchanan, EY’s digital leader for Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa. “The consequences of ignoring the shift to digital are far too great for only half of CFOs to be embracing it.”Business Insider, Oct. 29, 2015.

This expert sums it up: the consequences of ignoring the shift to digital are far too great…

Now most of you likely have some kind of idea of what a digital strategy is; if not, we strongly encourage you to talk to an expert and create a game plan for your business that includes:

  • A web (Internet) presence
  • Utilization of at least one (preferably more) social media platform, such as Twitter or Facebook
  • A steady stream of relevant content – not only about your business but also about outside topics that interest your target market
  • A variety of content formats – mix it up! Blogging, email campaigns, video – just to name a few

What can a business owner take away from this information?  Well, for example, pay attention.  We at Valere Studios paid attention when an article we posted on Facebook got more likes and shares than our other posts – therefore, we are following up on it with this blog post and may even follow up on it some more.

Lastly, a savvy business owner or executive may want to sit up and pay attention to the main point:  the time for a digital strategy is now.  Otherwise, statistics and experts agree: your business will be left behind.