Leverage Facebook and Videos Now for Powerful Content Marketing and Advertising

Some fantastic and fascinating stats about Facebook and videos have been in the news lately.  And, it affects business owners who are interested in leveraging the power of video and content marketing on this social media giant.  Yep, I said it: Facebook is a giant and video is part of its fast-growing strength.

First of all, check out these headlines that came out the first week of November 2015:

  • “Facebook Milestones Leading to a Billion Daily Users” – ABC News
  • “3 Numbers That Prove Facebook Is Killing it Right Now” – Time
  • “1-in-7 Worldwide Check Facebook Daily” – MyStateline.com

So, you get it, right?  Facebook is “killing it!”  A billion daily users? One in seven people are checking Facebook every, single day?

Business owners – whether your company is small, medium, large, or mega – should be leveraging this: an easy-to-use space to say what you do, show what you sell, market what you offer.  And, believe me, your target market is out there….and your target is looking at Facebook….every day.

But, it gets even better!  Check out this news:

  • “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today (11/04/2015) that his company’s platform is notching 8 billion video views daily, doubling the number it reported in April. More than 500 million users are watching those videos, he said.” Wired
  • “Facebook is likely hoping that an upcoming video portal, currently in testing, would help increase video views and drive more advertisers to video formats, which are often more engaging and more expensive.” Business Insider
  • About Facebook video views: “Eight billion views! A day. That’s more than there are people in this world – 7 billion.”USA Today

What does this mean for you, the business owner?  These statistics are staggering.  To us at Howie Dunnit, it means if you’re not using video to grow your business and get your message heard, now is the time.

I will throw one last quick statistic out to you:  65% of web traffic is video. Sixty-five percent!

Implement video in your marketing campaigns now.  They don’t have to be long or complicated.  In fact, the shorter, less complicated the video – all the better!  Please don’t let this easy-to-implement, important piece of your content marketing fall by the wayside.