Get Your Employees On Board the Social Media Train

Your Employees Should Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

We have seen this time and again.  Your company sets up a Facebook page and perhaps gets a little something going on Twitter.  You get maybe 65 page likes and followers.  That’s super!  For a start.  But, then, that’s about it.  No traction, no referrals, no “shares,” few comments.  Why? Many times companies do not ask their employees to take part in the Social Media machine.  Big mistake.

And, then, we’ve seen some great success stories!  A company sets up a Facebook page, starts tweeting, perhaps uses Instagram, is visible on Google+, and more.  And, the company incorporates its employees in its Social Media strategy.  Boom!  A plethora of likes, your content gets shared, people comment, your company gets good reviews, and so on.  Good stuff!

Let’s say you are at a convention with your team.  You see all kinds of cool things there and you all get some great ideas to incorporate or new products you want your company to try.  Then your team snaps a selfie at the convention and posts it on their company’s Facebook or Twitter (or both!) and on their own personal Social Mediaall right!!  Watch the extra traction grow from there!  Why?  Because (fictional) Team Member #1 has friends who love the picture.  Team Member #2 has friends who didn’t even know where he worked, so they not only clicked on the post, they clicked on his company to see what exactly he does for a living.  Team Member #3 is a real networker and his snap went out to multiple business groups – people who will be excited to see what this company learned at the convention or what new products are coming down the pipeline.

Here’s a great example: Our friends at M-Tec Systems, Inc., recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and posted this selfie while they were there:


We’ve seen some amazing things so far and
the day’s not over yet! #CES2016 #MTecSystemsInc 


Not only was the M-Tec team smart enough to garner interest with a “selfie,” they are positioned in front of the CES logo sign, they used hashtags about where they are and why, AND they used their company name in a hashtag as well.  Yep, smart cookies, those three!

Getting Started

It’s a good idea to have some guidelines or “best practices” (rules, if you will) about Social Media for your employees when it comes to your company’s name and brand – particularly if your company has more than 10 employees.

For medium-to-large companies, appointing a Social Media Leader or Captain is a good idea – someone who can oversee the strategy, make suggestions, etc., regarding your company’s content marketing.

Secondly, talk to your employees about the company’s vision – and its vision regarding Social Media.  Talk to them about what hashtags to use for brand and company recognition.

Back to the “rules” mentioned above – set forth and make clear the company’s expectations regarding Social Media and any guidelines that must be followed.  The rules don’t have to be complicated or frustrating – just make it clear what they are and ensure everyone understands them and agrees to follow them.

Make It Easy

Use a central location to maintain photos, articles, ideas and other content that your employees can dive into to find fun and useful things to post about the great, innovative company they work for!  They will be excited that they get to “get on Facebook” at work (might want to refer back to the rules regarding amount of time spent) and having some cool stuff at their fingertips to post makes their worklife easy!  A central location could be anything from a shared folder to a tool like Trello.

There You Go!

Social Media appears here to stay.  Companies that utilize it for their marketing efforts are one step ahead of those that don’t.  Companies that 1) get their employees aboard the Social Media Campaign train, and 2) hone their efforts with appropriate guidelines and give them content and tools to work with, end up with employees who are happy and excited to get the brand out there!  They are having fun!  And your company’s name, products, and services are getting liked, shared, and reviewed.