Concluding the Series: How to Use Formatting to Make the Most of Your Shareable Content

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Bold Type, Color, and Italics when Formatting Your Blog

In this blog series, Valere Studios covers essential elements to creating and formatting your shareable content for its best potential and reach in your social and digital marketing.

There’s a cool website about places and stories centered on San Francisco – called The Bold Italic.  Catchy name, right?  The key word here is catchy.  It caught our attention.  That’s what you want your blogs and shareable content to do – catch people’s attention.

Think to waaaaay back when you first learned to type on Word or some other word processing program…  And, THEN, you were taught or figured out how to make words bold, or a color, or italicized.  It was fun!  You may have even gone a bit crazy with it for a while.

The lesson here is that these type of formatting techniques have been around forever, it seems, and they are still relevant today.  Don’t be afraid to use these simple, timeworn techniques to catch your readers’ eye, make your content stand out, and to draw attention for emphasis.

With new technology and brand new techniques to do practically anything showing up every single day as the “next best thing,” please remember that old-fashioned ways of doing things sometimes DO still work.  And, taking advantage of these proven yet simple “little things,” instead of just brushing them off as old, actually sets you apart,makes you stand out, and may just keep your reader looking at your content a little bit longer.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing old techniques just because they are, well, old or simple.  Heck, even The Bold Italic was savvy enough to use old techniques in a play on words for their brand name.

Try different formatting ideas in your shareable content – see what works for you.  Simple to super techy, there are techniques out there for everyone, every blog, every image.  Have fun with it!