Part II in the Series: How to Use Formatting to Make the Most of Your Shareable Content

Using Quotes – Believe It or Not – May Greatly Enhance the Shareability of your Content

In this blog series, Howie Dunnit covers essential elements to creating and formatting your shareable content for its best potential and reach in your social and digital marketing.

When you are speaking with someone on a hot topic and that person backs up an opinion with a quote from an expert, are you more likely to trust their point of view?  Probably.  Now, if people are spewing expert quotes left and right like a know-it-all, yeah, that’s annoying.  But backing up your content’s relevance with a relevant quote can prove, well, almost magical in the world of content that travels.

In fact, Dan Zarrella, author of The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies, said, “Tweets including quotation marks were 30% more likely to be ReTweeted than those that did not.”

Hmmm….see what I did there?  I used a quote from a leading Social Media/Marketing expert to do the following:

  1. Lend my work more credibility – so, yeah, I’ve researched the hints I am sharing with you and am backing up my assertions with a credible expert’s opinions.
  2. I am using the Zarrella’s quote about quotes to make my own point stand out – to make it pop!
  3. And, I am trusting the statistics that using quotes in my content garners a higher percentage of shareability – the very hint I am giving to you to increase your content’s share of the shares!

Very quickly, I am going to tell you about a client’s personal experience with quotes and their content.  As you know, one of our favorite clients is Encore Talent Productions.   We realized that their shareable content – which very often consists of actual video and photos from their dance competitions – was soaring – and I mean SOARING – when “famous quotes” were used in custom images, emails, tweets and elsewhere.  So using quotes in your content marketing is not limited to just experts in a given field. They can be inspirational or simply funny quotes that are well-known, eye-catching or just gut-busting hilarious.





An example of Encore’s use of an inspirational quote by Vicki Baum is displayed in this custom image:

A last little tidbit for you: couple an inspirational quote with the popular hashtag #MotivationMonday and, boy, you are rockin’ it!

Give it a try – increase your credibility; inspire your readers, prospects and clients; and broaden your share reach by utilizing some “quotes” in your content.