Due to the success and popularity of this show our studio is currently being modified.  Please submit info in the form below, and our team will contact you soon.

Valere Studios is producing a live show on Facebook to help local artists broadcast their original music. Due to a recent acquisition of WNKU by Bible Broadcasting, Valere wants to help fill a void felt by the local artists with the ability to broadcast their music on air.


A syndicated show, Music Live, will begin airing on Facebook June 21st broadcast live from Valere Studios. Valere Studios is an advanced broadcasting studio located just outside of Downtown Cincinnati. The show is formatted to gain exposure for artists and their music on a world-wide platform.  Facebook Live.

Starting the week of June 4th local artists may submit their bio, and music via www.valerestudios.com/musiclive¬† for consideration to be on the show. “Valere Studios – Music Live” will begin airing twice per week on Valere’s Facebook page showcasing local talent and providing exposure to tens of thousands of people through Facebook.



Artists may also hire Valere Studios for a demo tape and request in-studio recordings and or LIVE broadcasts for use on their Facebook and YouTube platforms.




Valere Studios

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