What is broadcast level live streaming?

What exactly is broadcast level live streaming? Well, it’s something you are going to want – and quickly! – if you are using any type of video or live streaming to help market your business or to document your special event. Broadcast level live streaming on Facebook...

New Live Broadcasting Studio Now Open in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI—Valere Studios, Cincinnati’s first live broadcasting studio available to the public and small-to-large enterprises is located in Westwood on Montana Ave, just six minutes from downtown. Making use of the latest advancements in digital marketing and...

Trail Team 10 – Website Video – Sales Conversion

From Founder to CEO Founder, Todd Uterstaedt, hired Valere Studios to produce, shoot, and edit a video designed to convert his existing base into new customers for his service offering Trail Team 10. Todd helps start ups make the transition from Founder to CEO. Nationally acclaimed podcast producer. Give it a watch, and subscribe to his amazing broadcasts. You’re sure to find some value in From Founder to CEO.

M&G Body Shop – Facebook Marketing

M&G Body shop relies on the content development that Valere Studios offers. Increased brand exposure on all platforms with real life customer engagement. Fresh updated content each month with photography and video marketing helps set M&G Body Shop from the rest.

Brand Shepherd – Website Video

The Brand Shepherd helps product makers with branding, packaging, messaging, and visual media. Dan Crask worked for months on this concept. The copy was very important to him. Once he had a significant amount of feedback and honed in on his message he contacted Valere Studios for help on the project. Dan offered his concept, and with collaboration from his team, marketing community, and input from another multimedia specialist Vernard S Fields we helped bring this video to life. The video would not have been possible without The Brand Shepherds creative and feedback process.

It was a real honor to help brand, The Brand Shepherd.

Cincinnati Maintenance – Organic Visibility

We’re responsible for producing and publishing content on website, social, and emails. We consider this project as a high tough campaign. We assist Ed with on-going marketing efforts and strategies to ensure a consistent booking of his clients. We offer around the clock support for his campaigns.

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